Вестник Кольского научного центра РАН. 2010, №1.

the country’s development. Therefore challenges o f the North are national challenges, and the “northern dimension of the economy” for Russia is the most important strategic direction, vitally important for economic growth and development of Russia. The Institute for economic studies of the KSC of RAS has been established to study issues of socio-economic development o f the North and Arctic. The Institute is the leader o f the new research direction - “economy o f the northern dimension o f Russia”. Keywords: North, resources, strategic interests, northern dimension o f economy, socio-economic development, Institute fo r economic studies Oleinik A. G., Putilov V.A. THE INSTITUTE FOR INFORMATICS AND MATHEMATICAL MODELING OF TECHNOLOGICAL PROCESSES OF KSC RAS IS A LEADING SCIENTIFIC SCHOOL IN THE FIELD OF REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT SUPPORT INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES Data on the Institute’s history o f development and research activities directions are presented. The article gives a short review o f research results in design and development o f models, methods and information technologies oriented at topical tasks solving in management of regional development and functioning o f key subsystems of socio-economic system in Murmansk region. Keywords: research activities direction, information technologies, main research results, training 146