Вестник Кольского научного центра РАН. 2012, №2.

CONTENTS Yu.A. Balashov VARIATIONS OF OXYGEN VOLATILITY IN MANTLE AND CRUSTAL SYSTEMS IN THE HADEAN-PROTEROZOIC INTERVAL Variations of oxygen volatility in the vertical section of the lithosphere divide it into the lower zone with a reducing regime of oxygen and the upper oxidized zone that includes mantle and crustal components. But geochronologically they differ by the oxidation level. One is the most ancient in the range of Hadean - Proterozoic, the other is younger Phanerozoic within which an excess of oxygen is predominating. This fact is directly related to the biosphere evolution in geological time. Keywords: lithosphere, rocks o f core and mantle, rare earth elem ens -ratios Ce+4/Ce+3 in zircons as indicater o f oxygen fugacutiesin in the Earth upper covers. Yu.A. Balashov GEOCHRONOLOGICAL RELATION OF MANTLE PROCESSES OF THE EARTH'S HOMOGENIZATION AND DIFFERENTIATION The problems of the initial composition and evolution of the mantle and crust in geological time are poorly studied, since the generation of all the Earth's shells and core are considered without taking into account the main processes - the combination of homogenization and differentiation of the initial meteorite diversity which formed the Earth. The article attempts a more rigorous account of influence of the heterogeneous composition of meteorites. Two types of mantle processes have been found: early (Archaean-Proterozoic) with traces of intensive homogenization and late (mainly Phanerozoic) with signs of intense secondary differentiation. Keywords: komatiites and basalts o f greenstone belts, alkaline series and ophiolites, rare earth elem ents - Sm /N d ratio - a s indicater varies o f rocks and meteorites. V.V. Bystrov, Yu.O. Samoilov SIMULATION TO PROBLEMS OF QUALITY MANAGMENT OF HIGH SCHOOL EDUCATION This article contains some theoretical and practical results of education quality management research of Institute of Informatics and mathematilcal modeling of Kola Scientific centre. It is offered to use powerful features of imitating modeling to create information technologies and instrumentations of education quality control. The article considers the particularity of agent approach of separate colledge educational process modeling. It adduces the description of practical realization of separate model elements with the abilities of Anylogic developers environment. Keywords: informational technology, quality, education, simulation, agents. A.G. Dvoretsky, V.G. Dvoretsky BIOLOGICAL ASPECTS OF THE AMPHIPOD ISCHYROCERUS COMMENSALIS, A SYMBIONT OF RED KING CRAB IN SAYDA BAY (BARENTS SEA) Some aspects of the biology of the amphipod Ischyrocerus commensalis, a common symbiont of red king crab, were studied in Sayda Bay (Barents Sea). The prevalence of infestation was 10.9% in September, 2004 and 8.7% in May-June 2005. Mean intensity was 17.1 specimens in September and 4.1 specimens in May-June. Female amphipods were the most abundant than males. In September, the majority of symbionts were juveniles with body length lower than 2 mm (30.6%). In May-June, the main part of population was dominated by adult specimens with body length 6 .1 -7 .0 mm (24.7%) and 8 .1-9.0 mm (29.9%). In September 2004, in the breeding season , egg-bearing females were the most abundant while in May-June 2005 the females at later developmental stages were absent. These differences are associated with seasonality in the symbiont reproduction. Individual absolute fecundity was counted to be 14 -63 (mean 26±13) eggs in September and 4 -4 9 (25±10) eggs in May-June. A linear relationship between individual fecundity and body length of I. commensalis female was found. Keywords: red king crab, symbiotic amphipods, Barents Sea. 100