Вестник Кольского научного центра РАН. 2010, №3.

Scientific and engineering aspects for safe storage and disposal of radiation-hazardous materials in European North of Russia / N.N. Melnikov, V.P. Konukhin, V.A. Naumov, P.V. Amosov, S.A. Gusak, A.V. Naumov, A.O. Orlov, Yu.G. Smirnov, E.V. Karavaeva, N.V. Novozhilova, S.G. Kumin. Apatity: Print. Kola Science Centre RAS, 2010. 305 p. The analysis has been presented of conceptual approaches and principles of spent nuclear fuel and radioactive wastes handling system formation in the European North of Russia as well as assessment of general situation in the field of SNF and RWmanagement in the considered region. The scientific justification is given to chosen lay-out design solutions for facilities of underground isolation of nuclear and radioactive materials taking into account their nuclear, radiation and thermal safety. The radiation accident consequences in underground storage facilities of SNF have been assessed including initialed by subversive activities. The study results are presented of radionuclide transfer in geological environment and ecological safety of underground facility of radiation-hazardous disposal with various scenarios of its evolution. There have been considered the issues of multi-barrier engineering defense in underground facilities of RHM storage and disposal. The recommendations are given as for construction technologies of underground facilities and disposal sites of SNF and RW. The monograph is dedicated for specialists and members of the public, both Russian and foreign, who are interested in finding solution to nuclear and radiation safety issues in the European North of Russia. Abramov N.N., Yepimakhov Yu.A. Geophysical monitoring in construction and exploitation of mining and hydraulic power industry facilities. Apatity: Print. Kola Science Centre RAS, 2010. 177 p. The monograph presents materials summarizing the work experience of geophysical monitoring in construction and exploitation of mining and hydraulic power industry facilities. The basic aspects of the book are focused on methodological supp development and peculiarities of geophysical methods complex use in control over la span underground facilities state in the rock mass, hydraulic and filled-up ground waterworks, dams and levees. High efficiency of seismic tomography method has been shown in control over facilities made of rock mass and ground materials in solution various technological tasks both during the construction process and exploitation different facilities. The monograph can be recommended to engineers, research workers in the field construction. Ecological state of land and water ecosystems around the Kola NPS / V.A. Masloboev, T.T. Gorbacheva, G.A. Evdokimova, L.A. Kazakov, G.D. Kataev, V.N. Pereverzev, A.A. Pohilko, N.E. Ratkin. Apatity: Print. Kola Science Centre RAS, 2010. 227 p. The authors have carried out an ecological assessment of the current state of the air, surface water (an example of lake Imandra), including their sanitary-microbiological characteristic, of the soil cover, forest ecosystems, diversity of flora and fauna within a radius of 15 km from the Kola NPS. A comparative analysis has been performed of the ecological state of land ecosystems in the impact area of KNPS and background areas, which are outside the zone of intensive industrial impact. Rare, endemic and endangered plant and animal species, included in the Red Book of the Murmansk region and places of their concentration. Thematic electronic maps have been prepared and presented: maps of soil, forest resource management, of concentration places of protected plant and animal species, sanitary-microbiological water sampling points: presented is an annotated listing of plant species of the territory under investigation. For specialists in ecology, geography, electric power industry, environment protection. 118