Physics of auroral phenomena : proceedings of the 37th Annual seminar, Apatity, 25 - 28 February, 2014 / [ed. board: A. G. Yahnin, N. V. Semenova]. - Апатиты : Изд-во Кольского научного центра РАН, 2014. - 125 с. : ил., табл.

“Physics o f Auroral Phenom ena”, Proc. XXXVII A nnual Seminar, Apatity, pp. 83-85, 2014 © Kola Science Centre, Russian Academy of Science, 2014 Polar Geophysical Institute STUDY OF THE IONOSPHERIC IRREGULARITIES BY THE INCOHERENT SCATTER AND TRANS-IONOSPHERIC RADIO MEASUREMENTS Yu. Cherniak1,1. Shagimuratov1, M. Rietveild2,1. Zakharenkova1, A. Krankowski3 1West Department o f IZM IRAN 41, av. Pobedy, Kaliningrad, 236010, Russia e-mail: 1E ISCATScien tific Association, Tromso, Norvay 3Geodynamics Research Laboratory, University o f Warmia and Mazury, Olsztyn, Poland Introduction The structure of the high-latitude ionosphere is very complicated and varied. A radio wave, propagating through ionospheric electron density irregularities, may be suffered phase and amplitude fluctuations. The ionospheric irregularities which produced scintillations occur predominantly in the F-layer of the ionosphere at the altitudes range of 200-1000 km. The fluctuations of GPS/GLONASS signals are caused by the ionospheric irregularities with dimensions more than 10 km. The raw signals (under scintillating conditions) can be processed using the high samples rate GPS/GLONASS receiver in order to derive the scintillation parameters. The method of incoherent scatter o f radio waves allows to determine experimentally both regular variations of the basic parameters ionosphere, and their behaviors during perturbation of the various origins and providing the possibility to realize the most complete diagnostics of the ionospheric plasma including electron density irregularities characteristics. The aim of this work is the experimental study of the nature of the ionospheric irregularities, influencing on GPS/GLONASS signals parameters, by incoherent scatter and trans-ionospheric radio measurements simultaneously. General specifications The method of incoherent scatter of radio waves allows to determine the variations of the ionosphere parameters plasma including electron density irregularities characteristics. For example the anomalous signals - coherent backscatter from plasma irregularities at slant distances of 1000-1190 km - were observed during 9-10 November 2004 strong geomagnetic storm by Kharkov incoherent scatter radar measurements 1. For the same storm event the strong TEC fluctuations were observed at midlatitude permanent GPS stations. I EISCAT SclentIIic Association EI8CATUHF RADAR RU, u M b . beata.fl June 2012 Figure 1. The main ionospheric parameters variations by EISCAT UHF IS radar measurements. , EISCAT Scientific Association EJ9CAT UHF RADAR HU title, fc*ata, ? June 2012 83