Physics of auroral phenomena : proceedings of the 34th Annual seminar, Apatity, 01 - 04 March, 2011 / [ed.: A. G. Yahnin, A. A. Mochalov]. - Апатиты : Издательство Кольского научного центра РАН, 2011. - 231 с. : ил.

T.A. Kornilova, LA. Kornilov 4. Conclusion Fine structure of auroras in the region of visual contact of equatorward moving structures from the polar boundary with northward moving activations of breakup occurred at the south boundary of auroral oval has been analyzed. A principal new fact, namely, penetration of equatorward moving northern structures through the active poleward spreading auroral breakup forms was revealed. This fact probably signified that northern structures and active breakup auroras in the south have fundamentally different sources of the precipitating electrons and are induced by different physical mechanisms of electron acceleration and precipitation. Acknowledgements. The authors are grateful to PGI for TVauroral data, to providers V. Angelopoulos, S. Mende and E. Donovan for THEMIS aurora data; IMF and plasma data are taken from site http://cdaweb. gsfc.nasa. gov/cdaweb/istp public/, ground magnetic data - from site This work is supported by the RFBR grants N 09-05-00818 and N 10-05-00247, by the Programme № VI. 15 of the Division of Physical Sciences of RAS, and partially by grant NORUSKA 2 of the Research Council of Norway and by grant Nordauropt 2 of the Nordic Council of Ministers. References Akasofu, S.-I., A.T.Y Lui, C.-I. Meng (2010), Importance of auroral features in the search of substorm onset processes, J. Geophys. Res., 115, A08218, doi:10.1029/2009JA014960. Elphinstone, R.D., J.S. Murphree, D.J. Hearn, L.L.Cogger, I. Sandahl, P.T. Newell, D.M. Klumpar, S. Ohtani, J.A Sauvaud, T.A. Potemra, K. Mursula, A. Wright, and M. Shapshik (1995), The double oval UV auroral distribution 1. Implications for the mapping of auroral arcs, J. Geophys. Res., 100, (A7), 12075-12092. Kamide, Y., S.-I Akasofu, E.P. Reider (1977), Coexistence of two substorms in the midnight sector, J. Geophys. Res., 82, (10), 1620-1624. Kauristie, К., V. A. Sergeev, O. Amm, M.V. Kubyshkina, J. Jussila, E. Donovan, K. Liou (2003), Bursty bulk flow intrusion to the plasma sheet as inferred from auroral observations, J. Geophys. Res., 108, (Al), 1040, doi: 10.1029/2002JA009371. Kornilov, I.A., T.A. Kornilova,М. I. Pudovkin, O.I. Kornilov (2000), Subvisual auroral waves structures motion and north-south correlations of luminosity inside double oval, Proc. o fInternational Conference on Substorm-5, St.Petersburg, Russia, 16-20 May, 303-306. Kornilov, I.A. (2009), Localization of the precipitating electron source in the active arcs during breakup and pulsating auroras, Geomagnetism and Aeronom,. 46, (3), 365-370. Kornilova, T.A., M.I. Pudovkin, I.A. Kornilov, G.V. Starkov, O.I. Kornilov (2001), Dynamics of auroral arcs during double breakups, Geomagnetism and Aeronom, 41 (3), 347-354. Kornilova, T.A., I.A. Kornilov, O.I. Kornilov (2006), Auroral Intensification Structure and Dynamics in the Double Oval: Substorm of December 26, 2000, Geomagnetism and Aeronom,. 46, (4), 450-456. Kornilova, Т. A., I. A. Kornilov, О. I. Kornilov (2008), Fine structure of breakup development inferred from satellite and ground-based observations, Ann. Geophys., 26, (5), 1141-1148. Lazutin, L., K. Kauristie, T. Kornilova, M. Uspensky (2002), On the relation of auroral activity of the polar boundary arc and the equatorial part of an oval, Proc. o f the Sixth International Conference on Substorms, University o f Washington, USA March 25-29, 151-156. Lyons, L.R., T. Nagai, G.T. Blanchard, J.C. Samson, T. Yamamoto, T. Mukai, A. Nishida, S. Kokubun (1999), Association between Geotail plasma flows and auroral poleward boundary intensifications observed by CANOPUS photometer, J. Geophys. Res., 104, (A3), 4485-4500. Nishimura, Y., L. Lyons, S. Zou., V. Angelopoulos, and S. Mende (2010), Substorm triggering by new plasma intrusion: THEMIS all-sky imager observations, J. Geophys. Res., 115, A07222, doi:10.1029/2009JA015166. Opgenoorth, H.J., M.A.L. Persson, A. 01sson(1996,. The substorm onset seen with ground-based instrumentation results, problems future possibilities, Proc. Third International Conference on Substorms (ICS-3), Versailles, France, 12-17 May 1996, ESA SP-389 (October 1996), 307-314. Ostgaard, N., K. Snekvik, A.L. Borg, A. Asnes, A. Pedersen, M. Oieroset, T. Phan, S.E. Haaland (2009), Can magnetotail reconnection produce produce the auroral intensities observed in the conjugate ionosphere?, J. Geophys. Res., 114, A06204, doi:10.1029/2009JA014185. Voronkov, I.O., E.F Donovan, P. Dobias, V.I. Prosolin, M. Jankowska, J.C. Samson (2004), Late growth phase and breakup in the Near-Earth plasma sheet, Proc. O f the 7th International Conference on Substorms, Helsinki, 140-147. 12