Каталог геомагнитных пульсаций : материалы наблюдений Полярного геофизического института за 1975-1979 гг. : оперативно-информационный материал. – Апатиты : КНЦ ПГИ, 1991. - 77 с.

8 P R E F A C E The series continues publishing the data.on geomagnetic pulsations recordings performed in Polar Geophysical Institute of the USSR Academy of Sciences, Kola Science Centre. The given "Catalogue" presents experimental data for the period from 1975 to 1979. The data were obtained by the staff of Lovozero Observatory ( У = 67°59', Я = 35°05', Фп = 63.71°, = 115.8° L - 5.18) headed by Dr.V.P.Selivanov. The data have been processed by the co-workers of the Institute G.M.Shcherbakova and L.T.Afanasjeva. The data have been prepared for publication by G.N.Shcherbakova, M.S.Afanasjeva, and T.V.Matveeva. The recording has be e n carried out by a three-component induction roagnetograph, its sensitivity and amplitudo-frequency characteristics are given in Figure 1. The pulsations have been classified according to the principles adopted at the Second General Scientific Assembly of the International Association of Magn et is m and Aeronomy in 1973 in Kyoto (Japan). Besides, within the Pi-1 range there have been distinguished certain independent classes of pulsations, namely: PiB (pulsations irregularities burst), PiC (pulsations irregularities const.), IPDP (irregularities pulsations deminished period). Pulsations of Pc6 and Pi3 types have not been singled out. Table 1, besides the period limits for each type, gives the amplitude range (approximate limits), the generations time and the frequency spectrum characteristics. The distribution of the number of the events of appearance (N) of all the types of pulsations in three cycles (19,20,21) of the Solar activity m a y be seen in figure 3. The data published belong to the years of mi nimum (1975, 1976, and 1977) and the phaae of increase (1978, 1979) of the 21 year cycle of Solar activity. The experimental data are presented as tables of intervals of pulsa­ tions. E a c h table contains: 1 - data, 2 - the time of the onset, 3 - the time of the end of oscillations wi t h accuracy up to a minute (UT time), 4 - pulsation type, 5 ~ oscillation intensity in categoi'ies A,B,C and, mixed (A - very intensive, В - distinctly observed, less intensive, С - low intensive, doubtful), 6 - pulsation periods. The diurnal course of the number of events (P(N)) a nd pulsation periods (T, S) may be seen in Figure 2a,b,c,d. ЛИТЕРАТУРА 1 . Каталог геомагаитных пульсаций за 1980-1983 годы, Апатиты, изд . Кольский научный центр АН СССР, 1990, 81 с . 2 . Каталог геомагнитных пульсаций за 1984-1987 годы, Апатиты, изд . Кольский научный центр-АН СССР, 1990, 93 о . 3. Solar-Geophysical Data. P r o m p t 'Reports. October 1988, No 530, P.1. 183 p.