Пожидаева, О. В. The image of Russia and the Kola North in some Scandinavian and Finnish writers / О. В. Пожидаева // Диалог через границы: границеведение в перспективе идей М. М. Бахтина / М-во образования и науки Рос. Федерации, Мурм. гос. гуманитар. ун-т, Ун-т Нурланда (Норвегия). - Мурманск, 2013. – С. 172-174.

image of Russia's and world’s culture. Dostoevsky’s spiritual quest, the fate of Anna Karenina, the story of the Tower of Babel, the birth of Moses, the wonderful deeds of St. Nicholas in the novel are connected with the life of the character, trapped in sexual slavery. Thus, the dialogue in fiction is mostly directed not at understanding the truth of fact and objective reality. It serves the purpose of self-cognition, a desire to see yourself in somebody else.