Наумлюк, М. В. Художественный мир драматургии Каммингса / М. В. Наумлюк // Вестник центра американистики / Федер. агентство по образованию, Мурм. гос. пед. ун-т. – Мурманск, 2007. – С. 38-41.

Вестник центра американистики МГПУ М. Naumlyuk THE WORLD OF E. CUMMINGS’ DRAMA The article is devoted to Edward Estlin Cummings (1894-1962) - an outstanding American poet, artist and playwright, a reformer of the poetic speech who gained recognition during his lifetime. In his plays Cummings confirms that false ideals lead to an impoverishment of life. Civilization without culture is the mechanized world based on primitive human relations, spoiled by false ideals. The playwright saw danger that the materialistic world of America in the 1920s would be a world of dead people. However, comparing in his dramas sources of spiritual culture of different epoch Cummings did not consider this condition of the world as a final one. The true American who has been brought up in the spirit of Emerson’s ideas and the traditions of the American Dream, believed in revival of the free and creative person. 42